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The Hoosier Cabinet

In the early 1900's a Hoosier Cabinet could be found in a large percentage of homes in the United States. This cabinet is a reproduction of the 1917 Hoosier Cabinet which was not only a work of art, but a practical work center and a beautiful piece of furniture. "Hoosier" was the name given to a particular style of kitchen work unit, popular in the early 1900's which included an oak cabinet and many special features such as pull-out porcelain work areas, flour bins, sugar bins, tin bread drawers, and spice jars. It was an essential part of the woman’s efficient kitchen. The name "Hoosier" was derived because the Hoosier Cabinet was originally and almost exclusively made in the Hoosier state of Indiana.

Each of our Hoosiers is handcrafted by an Amish man as he strives to reproduce the original 1917 Hoosier which revolutionized the kitchen for thousands of cooks. For the first time, all the essentials were in one place, within easy reach. Standing in one place, one could sift flour, measure sugar and other ingredients, add spices, mix dough, and roll it out on the porcelain top. It was loaded with work-savers, flour bin with sifter, carousel spice racks, sugar bin, and much more.

The entire cabinet is solid oak and oak panel construction, just like the original. The paneled cabinet sides and all four doors are held together with a sturdy coped joint. The drawers are securely held together by dovetailed joints. The doors and drawers utilize a 3/8" overlapping lip to keep out dust.

The porcelain top pulls out for additional counter space when rolling out dough or preparing a meal. The baked-on porcelain wipes clean and won’t absorb colors or odors. The porcelain tops are only available in solid white. 

This Hoosier also includes the solid oak legs, with brass leg skirts and ant traps, wooden casters, sliding lower oak shelf, large adjustable shelf in upper cabinet area, two solid oak tambour doors, smooth-rolling drawer slides, tin flour bin, tin sugar bin, carousel spice rack with jars.

The Oak Hoosier Cabinet is available in all stains in Woods and Stains. 

The tin is safe for food, but cleaning of them completely is almost impossible,  the company that makes the hardware prefers to just say they are unsafe.  However, we know of many people that use them every day, and our Amish have been using them for years, as did your grandmother or great grandmother.

The Hoosier Cabinet measures 75 3/4" H x 41 3/4" W x 27" D, and weighs approximately 250 lbs. 

The porcelain top is 27"D x 41" W, but the actual work space on the top is 22.5"D x 41"W  because a small part of it is under the top for support. The porcelain tops are only available in solid white. 

Sorry to announce that the Hoosier cabinet is no longer available for sale as of August 1, 2014.

This picture shows the bottom of
the Hoosier with the pull-out shelf,
and the four drawers.

This picture shows in more detail
the top of the Hoosier with the
tambour doors open.
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